new collection
„conscious simplicity“

Conscious simplicity

During the lockdown phase my new collection was created. It is characterised by deceleration and the awareness of what is really important.

The collection is reduced to the essentials, speaks a timeless language and should accompany its wearer for a lifetime.


Tasche Ava in cognac


I am Karla Rosenberg, designer and owner of the label K | Rosenberg. Born and grown up in Aargau near Lenzburg, native for almost 8 years now in Bern. I have been in the textile industry since 10 years, working in the field of design and product management. My own Label K | Rosenberg has been available since September 2015.
The value chain is very important to me and I am interested in knowing every single element in the chain.

With passion I create leather goods from high quality leather in Bern. With timeless design I want to create constant companions that will stay with you for a lifetime.

With a regional production in small series and the longevity of the products, I want to support local knowledge and skills as well as minimise the impact on nature.


100% natural tanned leather

My bags are made from skins from cattle kept in a manner appropriate to their species from organically certified farms in Southern Germany. 

Fairfleisch in Überlingen, Germany, is slaughtered in a gentle manner. The proximity of farmers and slaughterhouse keeps the transport distances for the animals as short as possible. The skins are a by-product of the dairy and meat industry. As long as milk products and meat are consumed, skins are produced. If this renewable raw material is not processed into leather, it will probably be thrown away.

The tanning takes place in the pit a short distance from the slaughterhouse at the August Renz family business in Tuttlingen. This method uses less water and is more environmentally friendly than conventional tanning methods. They only use vegetable tanning ingredients such as valonea oak and chestnut wood, mimosa bark and quebracho wood.

Thanks Traceable-Leather today it is possible to work with sustainable, local and transparent leather with a supply chain behind it.


every piece of leather is one of a kind

Every piece of leather is unique - as we are.

Slight variations in colour and surface are a typical feature of leather goods. Through use, the leather changes and becomes darker and/or softer over time. This gives each product its unmistakable, elegant character. This patina effect is natural and gives this type of leather its unique quality.

The leather is undemanding and does not need any additional care products. If you wish, you can polish it with a natural wax and a white cloth. If it gets wet, you can simply dry it in the air or gently with a hairdryer.


My products are sewn in the family-run leather goods factory Göppel close to Memmingen in Germany not far from the tannery.

The personal contact to the small family business is very important to me. In this way I can not only aim for a good cooperation, but also preserve local knowledge and skills.


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